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Your Destination for Heritage Kunekune Pork

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Your Destination for Heritage Kunekune Pork

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Your Destination for Heritage Kunekune Pork

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Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Phone: (513) 253-6387
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– Frequently Asked Questions –

Q: What animals are at Willow Run Farms?

At Willow Run Farm, we have a diverse range of animals that make our farm a unique sanctuary. Our special focus is on purebred, registered Kunekune pigs, of which we have 31. In addition to pigs, we also have chickens, miniature donkeys, ducks, emus, peacocks, and Mearns quail. Each animal is raised with love and care, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Q: What is AKKPS?

AKKPS stands for the “American Kunekune Pig Society,” an organization committed to the preservation and promotion of the Kunekune breed in the United States. As proud members of AKKPS, Willow Run Farm is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in Kunekune pig care, breeding, and registration, ensuring the well-being and authenticity of our herd.

Q: What is the EKPA?

EKPA stands for the “Empire Kunekune Pig Association,” a reputable organization dedicated to the promotion, education, and ethical breeding of Kunekune pigs. As members of EKPA, we at Willow Run Farm adhere to the highest standards of animal care and breeding practices, ensuring that our Kunekune pigs are purebred and registered.

Q: Can we purchase from Willow Run?

As we prepare our website and various platforms, we are staging to offer our animals & products to the market soon! Stay tuned….

Q: Are Kunekune hard to take care of?

Kunekune pigs are relatively easy to care for, making them ideal for small-scale farmers and hobbyists. They are primarily grazers, which means they can thrive on pasture with minimal supplemental feed. Their docile and friendly nature also makes them easy to manage. However, like all livestock, they do require basic care such as proper fencing, shelter, and regular health check-ups.

Q: How much land is needed for 2 kunekune?

For two Kunekune pigs, a minimum of half an acre of pasture is generally recommended. These pigs are excellent grazers and benefit from ample space to forage and roam. The land should be well-fenced to keep the pigs safe and should ideally include some shelter or a pig hut for protection from the elements.

Q: What foods are good for kunekune pigs?

Kunekune pigs primarily thrive on pasture, enjoying a diet of fresh grass, clover, and other forage. Supplemental feed can include pig pellets that are low in protein and high in fiber. Fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, and pumpkins can also be given as treats. It’s essential to avoid high-sugar and high-fat foods, as well as any processed foods not formulated for pigs.

Q: How cold can kunekune pigs tolerate?

Kunekune pigs are relatively hardy and can tolerate cold weather well, especially when provided with adequate shelter and bedding. However, it’s essential to offer them a warm, dry place like a pig hut or barn during extreme cold or snowy conditions. Proper care, including fresh water and sufficient bedding, will help them stay comfortable in colder climates.