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Some of the Animals at Willow Run

Miniature Donkeys

Miniature donkeys are a specific kind of donkey. In order to be officially recognized as miniature, the animal has to measure no more than 36 inches in height. All of our donkeys are under 35 inches currently. Even though they’re cute and compact, they still weigh between 200 – 400 pounds.

Silverudd Chickens

Silverudds are a cold hardy bird that also does well in the heat. They are good foragers and typically lay around 150 eggs a year on average.


Emus are big and distinctive birds, instantly recognizable by their long necks, bluish heads, fluffy feathers, and muscular legs. They are sometimes overshadowed by ostriches, their slightly larger cousins from Africa, but they are no less interesting, entertaining, or deserving of admiration.

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