Welcome to
Willow Run Farm

Sustainable Excellence with Kunekune Pigs

Welcome to

Willow Run Farm

Sustainable Excellence with Kunekune Pigs

Welcome to Willow Run Farm

Sustainable Excellence With Kunekune Pigs

Step into Willow Run Farm!

in the heart of Hamilton, Ohio, just outside Cincinnati. Established in 2016 as a small hobby farm on our picturesque 8.5-acre property, we have since blossomed into a thriving full-scale operation. Specializing in 100% registered Kunekune pigs, we are proud to be Butler County’s premier source for top-quality Kunekune genetics and gourmet pork.

Our journey is a family affair, with my husband Joel, who also manages our family restaurant, and our three sons, all contributing to our success. At Willow Run, we are dedicated to sustainable and ethical farming practices, raising our animals with the utmost care and respect. Our Kunekune pigs are known for their exceptional marbling and rich flavor, making our pork a favorite among chefs and food enthusiasts alike.

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Exceptional Kunekune Pork

Gourmet Flavor & Marbling

Kunekune pork is celebrated for its exceptional marbling and rich flavor, making it a favorite among chefs and culinary enthusiasts. Often compared to the renowned Wagyu beef, Kunekune pork stands out for its tender texture and delectable taste. Discover why Kunekune pork is becoming a sought-after choice in gourmet kitchens across the country.

Sustainable & Ethical

Embrace sustainable agriculture with Kunekune pigs. Known for their minimal impact on pastures, these pigs are ideal for small-scale farms and homesteads. Kunekunes are efficient grazers, helping to manage yard overgrowth without harming the soil. By choosing Kunekune pigs, you support ethical farming practices and a more sustainable future.

Small-Scale Farm Friendly

Kunekune pigs are perfect for small-scale farmers and hobbyists due to their docile nature and ease of care. These friendly pigs are easy to manage, requiring minimal supplemental feed and thriving on pasture. Whether for breeding, showing, or meat production, Kunekune pigs offer a rewarding and manageable farming experience.

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A Window to Willow Run Farm

We invite you to dig into our farm blog, where you can explore the heart and soul of our sustainable farming journey. Discover the stories behind our Kunekune pigs and other livestock. Learn about our ethical farming practices, and get a glimpse of daily life on our vibrant farm❤️

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